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Today CaPA launches our new Strategic Grassroots Empowerment Fund.

But first, on Wednesday the Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) launched the new Rural Youth Voter Fund in partnership with Clean & Prosperous America (CaPA) and Movement Voter Project (MVP), bringing new horse-power and year-round transformational funding to grassroots groups engaging young voters of color in non-urban areas. I encourage you to watch the RYVF launch webinar that features political strategist Simon Rosenberg and two dynamic young community leaders – and regularly support this critical effort now led by RDI.

Going forward, CaPA is highlighting a new investment gap. Every cycle, critical grassroots field programs go underfunded while billions of dollars get set on fire via ineffective and expensive TV ads. While it is extremely important to support grassroots groups on a year-round transformational basis to build their capacity, these groups also need money late in the cycle to fully utilize that capacity and mobilize voters down the home stretch. Unfortunately, as Election Day nears, many donors mistakenly believe it's too late to fund anything other than candidate campaigns and their last-minute media buys.

We aren’t waiting until 2024 to start addressing this tragedy because in 2023 there are extremely important down-ballot races in Virginia (defend against R trifecta), Pennsylvania (Supreme Court), and Louisiana (defend against R supermajority trifecta and a constitutional catastrophe). 

It’s not too late, nor too hard, to invest wisely in the crucial field program gaps that can shift these battlegrounds into victories. We don’t want a repeat of 2022, where despite us raising the alarm in September that we could hold the House, and despite making a big impact in a lot of lean-right races, some relatively small field gaps remained that should have been closed. Just 15,000 votes in 5 congressional districts would have secured a +2 majority with Nancy Pelosi, rather than Kevin McCarthy, controlling the House. A change that would have allowed passage of a slew of democracy, social justice, and climate action policies.

It has become clear to CaPA that moving funds quickly and precisely to grassroots groups all the way up to Election Day is an essential part of realizing the full effectiveness of grassroots field programs. This is why we are launching the Strategic Grassroots Empowerment Fund which right now will drive resources towards grassroots gaps in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana, and in 2024 will do the same for electoral battlegrounds across the country. 

This new CaPA project consists of: 

All combined, this positions CaPA to move donor resources in days not weeks (looking at you, Donor Advised Funds), with no overhead costs or fiscal sponsorship fees, to the most impactful field programs in the most strategic geographies.

We've already vetted grassroots organizations and their 2023 programs for Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana, and moved over $300,000 to 17 high impact organizations in these states. We've also identified millions of dollars of unfunded grassroots field gaps that should be closed before a single additional dollar is spent on TV ads. Early voting begins on September 22nd in Virginia, making this a prime time to contribute to CaPA’s Strategic Grassroots Empowerment Fund and boost support for impactful field programs.

I will re-emphasize that 100% of the donations you make to CaPA today will go directly to organizations on the ground in VA, PA and LA. Donating is simple, and we welcome you to specify the geographies you want to target, or let us guide your funds to what we believe are the most strategic gaps to fill.

While early investment in grassroots power building is essential, it's never too late to boost their support. Late-moving funds have a targeting advantage due to more accurate polling, knowledge of emerging skeletons, and the economic efficiency of direct voter contact programs increasing significantly as early voting shrinks the target universe. CaPA has used these late-moving resources to help organizations avoid laying off staff during the most important mobilization phase of the campaign, expand planned mobilization contacts, and address unexpected barriers to their programs. 

For example, late in the 2022 cycle we provided emergency resources to The Black College Firm, GA to rent port-o-potties as complaints from local businesses threatened to shut down their youth door-knocking program. We sent an expansion grant to 1 Vote Counts, PA to purchase phones for an unexpected abundance of stipend volunteer doorknockers that wanted to help keep PA Blue but lacked the smartphones needed to effectively participate in canvassing.

We need your help, not just with your dollars, but also with your connections: tell the world, scream it from the rooftops! There is now an easy, strategic, zero fee way, even late in the cycle, to make sure grassroots gaps get funded so we can stop wasting our political dollars on TV ads. 

For more information about this exciting new program from CaPA, please reach out to me

Greg Rock
Executive Director
Clean & Prosperous America
(206) 979 - 1707

Clean & Prosperous America
2937 54th Ave SE, #A  | Tumwater, Washington 98512
206-441-5101 | info@cleanprosperousamerica.org

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